• Plasma Cutting and Etching

  • Turret Punching

  • Brake Forming/Embossing/Rolling

  • Machining

  • Shearing

  • Welding

  • Spot Welding

  • Grinding and Finishing

  • Weldment Fabrication

  • Assembly and Installation

Mexico Heating Company, Inc. continually strives for improvement in the quality of our products, improving delivery times and increasing our capabilities.

By adapting and incorporating new design and manufacturing processes we are able to deliver higher quality products more efficiently and on schedule.

Working with Mexico Heating Company ensures you are benefiting from our dedication to quality and service that’s focused on your success and satisfaction.

plasma cutting

Plasma Cutting and Etching

Plasma cutting is a process for cutting certain metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper and others) using specific gases that conduct electricity. With the combination of the electric current and the gas, metals that are difficult to cut with other tools can be accurately cut with high precision. In addition, use of a plasma cutter makes cutting thicker materials.

When working with you on your project we will make recommendations based on the materials to be used, product design and intricacy of the cuts or modifications to determine if use of our plasma cutter is appropriate.

galvanized duct work

Turret Punching

When a project requires sheet metal punching, the best option is normally using a turret punch. Our turret punch enables Mexico Heating Company to fully automate the punching of a wide variety of holes in different shapes and sizes quickly and accurately. The speed at when the turret punch performs this action makes it ideal for large production jobs however on smaller runs it may not be cost effective.

We will review your project with you and based on the design and number of units, advise you if turret punching is a viable option.

sheet rolling

Brake Forming/Embossing/Rolling

Mexico Heating Company has invested in a variety of metal fabrication machines and tools which enable us to complete practically any project with speed, accuracy and high quality.

Included in our capabilities are press brake forming, embossing services to add texture or a pattern to the metal, and roll forming to shape and contour the metal.

Many projects involve not just one but many of our capabilities and since we do all work in house in our facility we are able to maintain strict quality control over the entire process from design to shipping.